[Illusion]Artificial Girl 3 Rant/Review

Ok time for a Power Rant™

The game boasts a whopping amount of customization options, allowing you to customize every nook and cranny of your girl.  But before I delve into game play,  let us first bash the thing you do before you get any PC program to run…. INSTALLATION!

Almost 2 seconds after my torrent reached 100% status, I unpacked the things and mounted it unto Daemon Tools without any delay, but much to my dismay I saw the post in hongfire about an all-in-one installer package for AG3…  XD   But, seeing as I already wasted a tiny part of my life in downloading the thing, I decided to follow the instructions on making my installation of AG3 into English.  Then, like adding coal into the furnace, I discovered that to make the gameplay optimal, you have to “add” a myriad choice of mods!  ranging from optimized and re-mastered moan voices, hi-res skin textures, un-censors and so on… the list could go on and on…

Ok, almost 3 hours since I received all data pertaining AG3, I delved directly into the “make” program, whence I spent another 3 hours in tinkering just 1(i.e. ONE) girl.  I would rate the girl_make_program as usable by intermediate players, as there are options that could ruin your hard work if accidentally pressed.  You could say that it sort of mimics The Sims 2 character creation screens…  Except that in the Sims, you are not shown a naked woman on the left side of the screen -_-

Now, towards the last tabs of the Make_program, you could add the personality of the girl you just created.   These “personalities” are what the girls that you created would more likely to act once loaded unto the world.  Just some of the examples are Timid, Lazy, Devoted, Childhood Friend, Extremely Jealous.  And there is also some of the more “erotic” personalities, some examples of which are Easily-Aroused, Snug-Pu$$y, Cowgirl Expert, BJ expert… etc @_@

Now discussing gameplay, after successfully starting the program you first get to name the world you get to play, and also name for the imaginary pimp who you whole-heartedly wish would be yourself, if getting “some” is going to be as easy in this game as in  RL, then i wouldn’t have to sweat it out playing this stuff…
Errr, I almost went off-tangent there, anyways, after naming you chose a girl to live or should I say “employed” (don’t look at me like that, that was what it says in the game!) and since I only had one girl created (which after a bit of frustration, was named Natsume Mai)  I finally tasted my first ever AG3 gameplay action.

…  huh? 0_o

I couldn’t really convey what I felt based on what the line above, So I’ll dive a bit deeper into the issue.   The generic world where you(the predator) stalk some poor girls(the prey) is pretty much bland, if you had played SB3(Sexy Beach 3) then you would probably be thinking along the lines of “WTF is this!”  Since SB3s gameplay only makes you choice your destination by clicking on them, AG3s gameplay is sort of a weird Third-person stalking RPG game…  You can switch to different views depending on some keys that you press, and you can also switch to first-person view, though admittedly I had to wonder for what purposes is the 1stPview is really for…

So I started walking around the neighborhood, and LO AND BEHOLD!  Mai was walking bare naked outside… Much to my frustration, it seems that I had forgotten to add some fashion sets to Mai in Make…  so after tweaking once again I dived back for some more…

Anyways, the game tells you the location of your target/prey I mean girl/s by showing some icons on the lower left part of the screen, besides the location it also indicates the girls “pleasure meter” which is classified as Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red; with Red being the highest and makes the girl soooo~ horny she would be the one pushing you for “some”!  Mai was, by default, blue on the location indicators… But after giving some love (really makes me dream, if only RL girls where as easy to “cling” on ) by giving hugs and a few pecks, her indicator suddenly glowed green…  I couldnt stop my grin, as finally the interface suddenly changed, where the mouse pointer turns into a mushroom when you point it near the waist and crotch(DUH!) areas of the guy.  Now another thing that made me pull my hairs in frustration(back then) was the thing that you do after foreplay ,  I was out of Ideas as to what to do(or how to do it), I would have went to hongfire again looking for tips, but suddenly, as if an act of divine retribution, my internet was offline…  So I tried a couple of stuff that re-surfaced in my memory from glimpses of a couple of post at HF, and all you have to do, it seems, is to drag the mushroom near the girl or atleast, towards the girl.  Then after insertion, all you have to do(while the mouse pointer is still a mushroom) use the scroll wheel on the mouse or the + and – keys on the keyboard…
Continuing my adventures with Mai, her location and intimacy indicator had already turned green right on the first… intercourse, so I decided to follow her around wherever she goes in the bland generic world.  I was thinking that there is a sort of cooltime in between “sessions”, but much to bewilderment, if you hug her(either infront or from behind) and there is, at most, 80% chance that she would want to do it again.  After every “session” she would remark on your “performance” if your girl was not given the “Not a Virgin” attribute, she would most likely cry about how it hurts and such that you are a meanie (since I think I heard ichi-warui).

Some of the more interesting aspects of the game that I discovered is that, when you gave your girl the “Childhood Friend” attribute, you would notice that your “P” would change color, this surprised me and thought that it was sort of a graphical glitch on the game.  Since I seriously thought that it was a glitch, I unloaded all mods and then loaded them once again.  It is still there!  But after the “session” it was only then that I found out that it was only a condom, yes your childhood friend girl will only have sex with you if you wear protection.

Now Im gonna talk about the graphics aspect of the game, in terms quality, most of the textures look good.  Though I have to whole-heartedly bash the “world” part since it really look so bland… Even the ham I ate tastes bland while looking at it <_< In terms of actual “gameplay” the game turns into rubbish.  I thought that Illusion had learned some useful things from the horrible “penetration-animation” ever since…. ALL THEIR GAMES!  I was expecting that they would have atleast “improved” that said animation but much to my frustration(again) it is still there, that horrible animation.  But worry not, since there is a mod for better “penetration” it seems, and it seems to work well!

The included skin sets, eyes and clothes are a bit too “normal”, to obtain an even more diverse collection would really enhance your gameplay.
There are Bunny ears, ram ears, Angel Wings, Demon wings, bunny tail, cat tails for the cosplay maniacs, there is the generic seito seifuku for student loving stalkers, and also some office lady clothes…. @_@

The thought of this game actually scares me the first time I’ve seen it(around 2 years ago).  The customization aspect at much.  Made me think how…. ‘advanced” japan is!

Ok, I guess I’ll wrap this rant up:
Installation issues are a bit of a pain, but if you obtained the All-in-one-clean-installer from the good people of HF, then its just a breeze.  Applying mods are now easily done by using a program called “Illusion Wizzard” just apply the mods you want and run the game! Its that easy.  Along with the myriads of 3rd party customizations(skin packs, better animations, Hi-rez textures) this provides one with hours of tweaking fun(?)… probably <_<
Overall, this game is for the ones who havent yet to get laid, though it is strongly advised not to follow what you do in the games, since there is absolutely no way for that to happen in real life…  If the tiresome reading of moans and cries in other games is a bit of a pain or hindrance to your gaming experience, then I heartily recommend Artificial Girl 3 for your fapping needs!

I give it a  Score of 7.8 out of 10


Special thanks to all the Modders of hongfire, without them this game would be tad boring!


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  1. nice job!!!

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